Including outdoor, water play, trips out, messy play, arts and crafts, stories, mark making, puzzles, play dough, number games, dressing up, role play, cookery, singing and much more.

Around your child’s third birthday, they will graduate from Turtle Toddlers and move up into our final group: The Preschool Penguins!

We continue to provide a wide range of activities and encourage learning through children’s interests and play alongside developing their skills ready for primary school. This includes early name writing, dressing and undressing independently and using utensils.

We work with our parents to ensure that their children are ready for this next exciting step, and closely communicate with the local schools to ensure their next setting is perfect for each child.

Our playful Penguin keyworkers are Amy (lead) and Hannah, with Gail as bank support.

You can find below some posters and information on supporting your child in their transition from pre-school to Year R. We will also be following these in the setting.

This is not gospel! Every child grows and develops at their own pace, and many of these skills will also be covered in school.

Getting Ready for Year R!

Year R Skills Checklist

A Parent Guide to Starting School

Phase 2 Word Mat

EYFS Early Learning Goals